Racetrack Everywhere
Ventura Raceway
March 27th, 2010

In old school style, all time Ventura Main Event winner Greg Taylor took traditional skills like setup and worn track savvy to smoke his 38th main event last Saturday night. But with the speed of subatomic particles colliding in a time warp super track, everything was the same and nothing was the same. Gregís victory went out live on Internet television, KadyTV.com. Race days photos were available online Sunday, Rob Hargraves Photography and highlights of the race flooded youtube all week thanks to loudpedalvideo.com. Everybody got a word in edgewise either at vrafan.com or scrafan.com. Twenty years from now, Gregís yet to be born daughter call pull up Jackslash.com On Demand and listen to her father interviewed the day after the race and waxing poetic about her imminent arrival! Oh yeah, while Iím typing this, Iím watching on my computer the highlights of the O'Neill Coldwater Classic, a surf event held YESTERDAY in Tasmania. I think thatís at the, uh, bottom of the world. Hold on baby Taylor, weíre not in Pandora anymoreÖ.

Taylor, Getting Ready for Baby

Vidcamís High Definition film crew was out again on Saturday documenting Venturaís incredible kidís racing program. Vidcam principal Mike Gouldy got on the phone with me Monday and explained they believe thereís a family friendly story there. They are compiling footage and plan to shop a pilot to cable networks depicting the parent/child bonding on and off the racetrack. Preliminary reports indicate no shortage of talent or material. Mini Dwarf Piston main event was picked off by Kyle Peterson. Check out this picture of Kyle and his dad. Thatís what weíre talking about! Mini Dwarf supercharger win went to Cameron McCauley, another great family story. Riley Helland pounded the Junior Midgets, a great start for the young star trooper. Car count was recession light in these three divisions, averaging several cars each. In another interesting development, Ventura Raceway is awarding no points in the kidís categories. Iíll let you draw your own conclusions.

Peterson, Already On the Family Plan

God Bless the Modifieds. I watched the race from the pit stands and you gotta love these mothers. If I ever have to go to Afghanistan, just give me Rick Rodarte and his crew for backup. These guys look like they chew cannon shot. Austin Rodarte was on the gas along with the usual suspects. Great to see Redman, Prows and Green mashing it up again. Brilliant job by Joshua Vogt. But nobody had anything for straight outa nowhere Mike Johnson. He was vicious fast and super strolled out of the middle of the pack to the front. Talked to him afterwards and he races mostly super stocks Central Cal. He looks just like the rest of these guys, thick necks and rocket vapor trails. My people.

Mike Johnson, Thick Neck and Vapor Trails

VRA Senior Dwarfs hope Angel Figueroa stays with the Pro Dwarfs where he belongs. He spanked everybody for his second Main Event win in as many weeks. Told me he just needed to check out some new set ups. Steve Benson put up a helluva fight. Bill Vanpragg was coming like a buffalo herd. Beautiful dust ups between Steve and Bill all race long. Dillon Hume was also right there with Thomas Velasquez and Mike Neal. But they were all no match for the ferocious fifteen car. Check it all out at vradwarfs.com! Arnie and Joe Sadowski are so locked in the groove.

Vanpraag Is Back

Senior Sprints tore into their second race of the season. Pole sitter Wiley Miller went at with typical spirited dedication, but second row Rob Kershaw had the set up and passed quickly. Track was slick and dusty. Badger was in the mix, along with Douglas and Chris Wakim. Wakim, who normally rolls with VRA Sprints, is racing a relaxed schedule this year. Kershaw was gone, Miller solid in second and the real drama was Bruce Douglas catching and passing Wakim (fourth). Good stuff. Special mention to Chris Meredith who finished top five, dicing like the dickens!

The Partyís At Kershawís

I drove into Ventura Countyís new RiverPark yesterday and considered the lay of the land with KadyTV.com maverick Bob Allen. Bob is broadcasting Ventura Raceway live every Saturday night and we spent an hour finishing each otherís sentences. Technology has superceded time and distance; Bob is beaming signals into cyberspace, hoping someone or some advertiser will bounce back. Hard core fans are responding positively. Itís not certain what the new planet will look like. What we do know is that itís an instant gratification universe; On Demand will be the law of the jungle. Last Saturday KadyTV had 485 unique visitors log on to the race. That was enough ghosts to fill the rest of the grandstands. We also know that On Demand races at KadyTV would kill Loudpedal DVD sales. Bob graciously backed off the On Demand; Loudpedal is reviewing their game plan. I donít know what the heck is going on, somebody text me when you figure it out.

Bob Allen, Finding His Line

So much cool stuff happened this week I donít know how to stop. Ventura County Star announced Jim Naylor will be inducted into the Ventura County Sports Hall of Fame. Just another pit stop on Jimís road to glory. Spot check Sean Buckleyís revitalized Jackslash site, he is completely out of control. Hear Mike Spencer talking on the hope that ď410ís remain the premier sprint car classĒ. Couldnít agree more. He just posted ninety minutes of exclusive interview with the Demon. I canít believe how hard Sean is working for us fans. Best message board of the week came from hogracer3d at scrafan.com: ďRacing is just racing, some faster, some slower, and it doesn't always mean that one driver or crew has more or less talent than the others. We all came from stock cars then up to sprints, and most everything in between, now back to stock cars, and you know what they're all a blast.Ē Iím down with that. Iím also down at the Zanzabuku, clutching a frosty and the bartender says what do you want to watch? I tell him straight, dial that TV into Racetrack Everywhere.

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From Small Things, Momma, Great Things One Day Come