Fiber Optic Midget Main Line
Ventura Raceway
April 30th, 2011

Cody Swanson On The Midget Main Line

5:45 PM - 177 viewers online
Setting my chips, salsa and beer just a certain way, I gave myself a driverís meeting. I was tough on myself but fair. I made it clear I wasnít going to put up with any monkey business. Then I spilled the beer and yelled at the kid to turn down that annoying Disney Channel. That brought out a yellow flag but I just kept acting like I didnít see it. Senior Sprint heats were warming up the crowd and I had to check the screen a couple of times. Is that Kevin Kierce and Jimmy Crawford in a Senior Sprint heat? I drifted in and out as I checked the weather channel to see what was happening in the Mid West. Ugly, clearly that Kokomo is no go. But that laptop was starting to grab me, those sprints are three wide coming out of two and Kierce looks like heís been racing every day for the past month. Scott hooked me into some Polish Speedway Bikes earlier in the day and Iím thinking how time skips as my attention square dances from Ventura to Indiana to Poland.

Rob Kershaw Is Not Our Dad

7:35 PM - 209 viewers online
The wind has destroyed the racing surface so Naylor climbs on that Caterpillar and starts making the world right. Helicopters are getting into position in Pakistan. That works for me. I get out the cheap little sushi dishes from Bristol Farms and feed m daughter some shrimp California rolls. I donít remember what my parents were feeding me when I was kid, but I donít think it was California rolls. Might have been fish sticks. I wonder if these are actually radioactive shrimp rolls from Japan but I start to get a headache. The stream is starting to run interviews with different racers and this is pretty good. Truex nails interesting comments from Bill Badger, Brian Camarillo, Cory Kruseman and Kierce and I am hooked up. The track is pristine and they run the Midget Semi Main, twelve laps, eight transfer; I grab another beer and everything is starting to come into focus.

Jake Swanson at Ventura April 30th, 2011

8:05 PM - 227 viewers online
Senior Sprint Main and thereís not a lot of tension. Rob Kershaw has been dominating the scene and itís getting a little tedious. Rob, please cut Gary Howard loose and give yourself a real challenge. Letís also get Bobby Michnowicz back here and really ramp this thing up (congrats Bobby tearing up that Lightning main in Bakersfield). This is no knock on the hardcore locals; Davis, Warren and McCormick all brought it. Kierce was a gas with second; Douglas and Crawford both flatted out. Iíve always pumped the Senior Sprints, but its time for the chaperones to split, somebody bust out a few bottles and turn up the music! Whereís Alderman, bring back the Miller boys! Come on. Rob is not our dad!

Gary Curtis Smokes Turn Two

8:31 PM - 331 viewers online
More killer interviews from Loudpedal and they run the Mod Main. What is with Danny Lauer winning every time he comes to our track? Like the modern day robbers (as in banks and mortgage companies) heís got his hand in our pocket every time I turn around. Brad, Jack, Aaron, Austin; we believe in you. You are carrying the flag, youíre fans are counting on you. Get it done, put this guy in his place! By the way, Danny is the nicest sob you could ever want to beat. Do we need to bring Rick Rodarte back to clean up this mess? Weíll do whatever we have to do.

USAC/CRA 410ís with Blake Miller At Hanford This Saturday

8:46 PM - 365 viewers online
Pro Dwarf Main. ďHoly track streaming, Batman. If they cram anymore people online the grandstands will be outnumbered, the server will crash and the digital revolution will vaporize the pits.Ē ďDonít worry, Robin, have Alfred bring the midget outĒ. But before they could run the midgets they had to run the dwarfs and man did they run. Mike Lewis in that otherworldly Casper machine clocked nineteen Pro and Senior coming from the back. For the first time this evening I regret I am not trackside to catch Lewis in the winnerís circle. Racing means a lot to this driver! Sport Compacts continued to feed the shark tank with Trevor Fitzgibbon putting the bite on some talented friends. Amazing what Trevor wrings out of that metal claptrap.

Lost Reality: Markus Niemele Experience

9:25 PM - 378 viewers online
Alfred brings the midget around and the chat room is packed. Almost 400 people online, several hundred people on hand and everybody is out of control. I call for another beer but get black flagged because, hey, I am supposed to be watching the kid. Jim Naylorís VRA Midget program is a smash success and twenty-five cars have piled into Ventura again for race four of this vaulted series. Josett, Dodenfhoff, Swanson, Lakatos, Pankratz, Camarilloís, Kruseman and many others are storming the garrisons and bringing the midgets back to their spiritual home. Venturaís size and banked corners and clammy ocean climate have all conspired to present racy conditions. Just as democracy is sweeping from country to country, equipment equality and a level field are bringing these drivers to our collective center where they are staging a shocking demonstration. Nimble Ventura tech staff, war correspondents and documentary filmmakers are streaming the revolution and theyíre just getting started. In a few more months, there will be more people online than physically present and in a few years, many thousands will pay for the privilege and they will be flung across the Internet globe. You think Iím crazy. Itís so primitive right now you can almost hear Bell saying, ďMr. Watson, come here, I want to you to see the Sprints.Ē

Brian Camarillo Is Ready For His Close Up

9:35 PM - 390 viewers online
The Markus Niemela Experience blew everyone away by climbing into a midget for the first time in his life and leading the first fifteen laps of the main event. This Finnish racing star is thriving in the Ventura wetlands under the seasoned tutelage of Steve Watts and the crafty wrench of Hunter Dumas. But it was Brian Camarilloís determined charge that put up and had everybody shut up. Taking over on lap fifteen, Brian was perfect and sailed to his first VRA Midget Main Event win, holding off the Experience, cool Robby, brilliant Dodenhoff and evergreen Bruce. Brian is ready for his close up. In an interesting time juxtaposition of Norma Desmond, heís huge and the screens are getting smaller. If you looking for the future, it passed through here Saturday like an earthquake. Just check online for the digital coast; itís still sizzling, cracking and whipping like a downed fiber optic midget main line.