I Came With Chaos But Iím Dancing With Chance

The definition of recession is that you have to work twice as hard for half as much! Thatís why you are blessed with what little you have. As this tough season closes, we are coming into a final harvest that is so flush with racing our cheeks are burning. Just this weekend we have the Challenge, the Legend and the Cup. There are three incredible tracks brimming with sprint cars, history and greatness. Mom says go home with whoever brought you to the dance. Iím not sure who brought me; all I can remember is chaos. People tell me itís a business, but I donít get it. Basically we go fast, stuff gets wrecked and we throw money at it. Not like any business I understand. But man do I love it! I love it when a driver hammers into a corner hunched over like a cougar thatís mental, mud flinging from the spinning rear tires, disaster inches away with teeth dripping hopelessness. Support these promoters, they have taken the unimaginable and put it in a bottle. Bring a friend to the track. This weekend let your appreciation flow from the top of the every grandstand to the bottom of every driverís throttle.

All Thrill No Fill
Troy Rutherford Wins The 2010 VRA Sprint Car Championship

Congratulations to 2010 VRA Sprint Car Champion Troy Rutherford who rose out of hills of Ojai and dominated the best little dirt track in America. I went to the mountain and paid respect at the pinnacle of speed. Troy pointed to the oil stained concrete slab in the race shop and swore the Championship was won right there! He had his crew with him all the way and they were getting ready for this Saturday. A championship is memories from a million moments. Itís about determination, deprivation and motivation. Troy told me the hardest part is the dedication to the car and the strain on the wife. Leslie tells me she just wants him happy. Sheís got that down because he is just about the happiest go lucky dude I ever saw. Daughter Logan is fast with the Mini Dwarfs and he was fussing all over her car while his sprint sat untended. Heíll get it all done by Saturday and that racing family will be in the thick of whatever mess is going on.

Ventura Raceway and All Coast are proud to announce that Galen and Joyce Fitzgerald are the Grand Marshallís of this yearís Challenge. Galen and Joyce are the number one fans and have been forever. They have sat through a thousand public hearings, pass on the good word to everybody, clean the tower every week and stock the reefer for press and passing gypsies. It doesnít take much to say thanks; a little appreciation goes a long way. Hard to believe Jack Parkerís Hi Tec Performance trackside trailer will be history. I thought Jack, Deb, Del and Vick were the hardest working crew in the pits. Something went south there; Iím not sure what that is about! I donít even buy parts but I canít live without Deb! Angel Figueroa did clinch the Pro Dwarf Championship, we will be writing about that in the coming weeks.

Thanks For The Great Racing, Troy!

My brother Pat and his partner Fred coughed up cash again for the Challenge. Thatís where the right rear hits the dirt. Iíll never forget how these guys are there year after year. Thanks to Kari Radeke and Brian Drolinger at Simpson Racing Team for donating a helmet to be signed by the drivers. Luis Espinoza drives for the Memorabilia Store and he is all over this. Heís finding stuff everywhere and we are loading up stock. Thanks to all those Heat Race sponsors: Fast Undercar, ITI Performance, Kaeding Performance, LRB Manufacturing, Lucas Oil, Snap On Tools, Steve Watt Enterprises, Sushi Fresh, and Twister-X are all the bomb. Killer people, products and incentives for drivers. You might want to be at Sushi Fresh this Friday night. That jointís always stuffed with world-class sprint car drivers, maybe even more so this weekend! Also, Iím going to ask Sheri Be Bop to make two special baskets of cookies for the All Coast Champions, both final race and pointís winner. We can hand that out with the checks and trophies and how satisfying will that be? Lastly, God Speed to Henry Steele III, son and brother to the Steele Racing family. My deepest sympathy to Mike and the family.

In regards to last weekís article ďLong Live The KingĒ, I was surprised at the fans silent reaction to comments regarding the possibility of 360 and 410 Coed racing. Although the message boards were quiet, my website was swamped, two thousand hits in one day alone. Offline from drivers I heard everything from ďurban legendĒ to ďgive peace a chanceĒ. Ventura did do some telemetry testing during the heat races last week. We will be tracking (pun intended) this in detail. I think the survival of the non-winged 410ís in Southern California and the relationship between tracks is going to be the big story in 2011.

Finally, letís welcome Jon Stanbrough and Dave Darland to the Commotion By The Ocean! Bullrings are the heart of sprint car driving and this place delivers piping hot! To have these hardcore legends at our little track is a perfect fit. Go into the pits after the races and introduce yourself and your kids. My wish is that these guys have a great experience and get to meet our awesome drivers and fans that rock it every weekend. I know they will love this place. I was really surprised to view pictures from last weekend and see a giant SurfnSprint logo on the sides of Biggieís #69 and Tommyís #13. Those are the cars Stanbrough (69) and Darland (13) will be driving this weekend. I didnít know you guys were going to do that and I was really knocked out! This place is a non-stop adventure! You pay your money and you take your chance. I came with chaos but Iím dancing with chance.

Season of Striving, Lifetime of Memories