All Photo Issue

All Thrill No Fill
Cory Kruseman, the consummate professional, somewhere between the track, the wall and the dream.

Extreme Playground

Brent Camarillo is flat out my favorite driver.
He is trying to behave himself, but I hope he lets the Wild Child out on October 23rd!

Remember, when you are watching TV, hanging out, fooling around with your girlfriend,
Troy Rutherford is in his shop, working on his car and winning the next race.

Brett and Brody Roa celebrate at the Wagsdash.

If this is Rome, this is Caesar.

Nitroglycerin in a sprint car.
David Cardey

John Nock is the Everyman.

The Valley of Giants
Santa Maria Speedway

Austin Williams
Ventura, September 25th, 2010

Turn Two at Ventura
Just because.

Kyle Smith
I've been trying to focus on Kyle all season, we're getting closer.

Dennis Rodriquez
D-Rod tells me every Thursday he cracks open a cold bottle of surfnsprint.
Hey Bro, this Bud's for you!

Angel Figueroa and the Ministers of Speed

Cody Kershaw gets it!

Sean Conrad is the coolest kid and one great announcer.

Jonathan Henry
The entire sequence is online.

Kamp Kershaw
Gary, Rob and Matt's magic year.

Brian Camarillo is off the hook with a late season surge.

Fred and Brandon Thomson after the USAC/ CRA race where Brandon's 360 finished fourth!

If you are driving in Ventura, you have to go through Greg Taylor.

The Cowboy heads out west.

Troy trying to pass on the bottom, Brandon on top of the cushion
and Cory in the sweet spot!


Markus " the Flying Finn" Niemela is the latest driver
to honor the memory of Christian Stover