Temporary Suspension Of Sanity and Reason
Perris Auto Speedway
June 12th, 2010

Cardey Unleashes In Perris

Danny Sheridan on the pole and he is emblematic of the recession battered yet defiant USAC-CRA drivers. Major sponsor pulled out at the beginning of the year, yet Danny and Kittle Motorsports continue to defy adversity, scrape from race to race and are having one of their greatest years ever. Heart and Danny's fast foot have put them second in points and first in this fan's estimation. Green flag and he is flying. David Cardey is right behind him after clearing Richard VanderWeerd. Tony Jones next with Corey Kruseman hard in fourth. Corey trying to clear both Jones and VanderWeerd but gets stuffed by Richard in the turns. Those VanderWeerd boys have come a long way in a short space. Sheridan looks comfortable, out front cleanly, a little smoke, Cardey next, Jones clears VanderWeerd, behind them Kruseman and now we see Mike Spencer in his customary fast forward mode. Things are changing fast with Spencer in the mix; he quickly does away with Kruseman, VanderWeerd and locks on Jones. It's Sheridan, Cardey, Jones and Spencer. Sheridan still looks comfortable, showing smoke but that's the least of his problems. Danny knows who's behind him and he knows their coming!


Spencer heads Jones and try's to slide Cardey turn three, no dice. They are supersonic down the front. Spencer sets up and beats Cardey down the backstretch, its Sheridan, Spencer, Cardey, Jones and Kruseman and they are pulling away from the field. These five inmates from the asylum are in control of the race and Spencer is hard into the turn three bottom, Sheridan maintains. Another lap, again Spencer hard on the bottom of turn three in first place and confirms for the lead coming out of four. Cardey looks awesome and is now challenging Sheridan for second. Jones and Kruseman holding up the back of the top five. Spencer in charge and looking spectacular out front. The sight of Mike Spencer and the red 50 in full glory, ultra high speed, down the front straightway, hugging the wall so close he could reach out his right arm and trail his fingers, the whole world chasing him. Reminds me of the world class surfers I've seen at Backdoor Pipeline, life and death barreling over you, so close to fate you can smell it's dark and seductive breath on your neck. God, I love Pipeline and I love Perris.

World Class

Sheridan, Cardey and Jones aren't thinking about this, they're in a cat-fight for second and scratching! Jones falls back for a second; Cardey puts it on the line going into three on the bottom and takes it away from Sheridan. This what I like about David Cardey. He has the rare ability to get to a critical moment, temporarily suspend sanity and reason, mash on the gas, enter the fray at hyper speed, take the point and resume reality. It's a strange unhinging of time and space backed up by raw ability and skill. I see the same characteristic in Brent Camarillo. Spencer gone and in lapped traffic, Cardey, Sheridan, Jones and Kruseman. Further back, I see Blake Miller coming and from way back there is Greg Bragg. Bragg is the everyman racer who seems to do it the old fashioned way, he earns it. His performance in the 92 Moose has been off the hook and what everyday fans crave. Spencer has a one-quarter track length lead but the party is not over. Kruseman clears the hapless Sheridan and moves into third. I am on top of Kruseman's hauler and his crew is going nuts. Mike Nigh is out on the lip beyond the barricades giving his driver signals, but the rest of the crew are in the corral section and screaming. This is first time I've ever watched a race from on top of a hauler and it is the cat's meow. Jones has a flat and pulls off. Another erstwhile and epic race team taking some hits this year. Relentless in the face of everything. We are yellow for John Aden and Matt Mitchell mixing in the back. Jones rejoins at the back and we restart.


Twenty-four laps completed and the consensus around me is that no one has anything for Spencer. His driving is spotless, his machine is flawless and the page is turning. Green and Spencer maintains. Cardey clears a lapped car and is lifting in the corners. Kruseman is third, Sheridan fourth and now we have Blake Miller slotted fifth. Jimmy Crawford hooks a car in turn two and flips. We are yellow at lap twenty seven, David Cardey is directly behind Mike Spencer at the green and everyone is getting déjà vu from two weeks earlier when Cardey took 27th lap yellow and passed for the win. Green flag down the backstretch, Cardey low and full speed in turn one, suspends everybody's reality and makes the pass. Sheridan again shows what he's all about and takes third back from the Master. Almost has enough for Spencer too. Checkers for Cardey, Spencer, Sheridan, Kruseman and Miller. Long drive home satisfied and inspired. Got a lot of great stuff coming down. Jim Naylor gets inducted into the Ventura County Sports Hall of Fame. Chris Holt working hard for the Kindoll Classic. All Coast Challenge in two weeks, race two, $2,500 and valuable points up for grab (hope Cardey shows up)! Memorabilia Store getting ready to launch. I gotta land that big job to keep Southern Pacific rolling and somebody has to plug that oil! Sometimes it all seems too much. That's cool, I'm gonna get some of that temporary suspension of sanity and reason!

David Cardey Gives Chris Holt The Story