Nothing Happened
Saturday July 18th, 2009

I donít know much but Iím pretty sure weíre had a good time. Naylor flew out to Chicago to see his granddaughter. I donít want to say we tore the place up, but they had to call 1-800-Servpro in the morning to clean up the mess. Cory was driving the water truck and nobody mentioned the drought to him. They were catching White Sea Bass in turn one. Of course we had so many methanol guzzling machines they were backed up to Detroit. We are so politically incorrect itís delicious! Blake Miller climbed the announcerís booth like King Kong and threw on some ACDC. Once everybody started to boogie he got them up and doing the wave from the pier to Rincon. Ray Estrada solved world hunger with a dwarf car. Austin Rodarte completely blew the doors off everybody in maybe the best Mod Main Iíve ever seen. Kevin Kierce gave everybody what they came for; a top to bottom two fisted sprint car blast. Cliff was in the tower overseeing the controlled chaos. Sweeny kept an eye on the kids. Keith and Morris kept it from redlining. Cool ocean air drifted over the crowd. Lean back and cover your beer. This is Ventura Raceway, itís Miller time and youíre on Kruse ControlÖ..

All Thrill No Fill
More Real Wheel To Wheel

VRA Junior Midgets had Cody Majors ripping for ten laps but cool Brennan Rogers got the drop on him for the last five. Austin Figueroa took third and still leads the points. Majors moved into the top five, he has been hammering away all season. Never gave up chasing Brennan in the main. You can learn from these kids!

Brazel Rogers and Majors All On The Gas

VRA Mini Dwarf Piston Zachary Gilmore joins dream season drivers by winning his sixth main event out of nine races. He has only finished out of the top three once! Nick Velasquez led the first ten laps but got nicked for the final two. ďSmoking JoeĒ Snyder took third and is close enough in the points to catch the ďZach AttackĒ. He too also has only finished once out of the top three!

Zack Attack

Speaking of the Velasquez racing family, son Tommy was the big dog in the Supercharger division. Ricky Lewis took the lead for two laps in the middle of the race, but Velasquez battled back and hung tough for the win. Everybody in the Velasquez clan seems to race and they typify the family atmosphere that permeates our racetrack.

Racing Family

Seven lead changes in the IMCA Modified Main event, maybe one of the most hardcore races Iíve seen all year. Sat front and center in the grandstands for this one. Was it clean? Was it fair? Iíll be Roger Miller danged if I know! It was loud, it was vicious and it was amazing to watch. Austin Rodarte kept charging back and reclaiming the lead from Jay Bowman. Toe to toe, bare knuckled and barely any rules. Sinful sniffling suffering succotash! Randy Thornell in second (from the sixth row) and determined Damon Redman in third. Jammy aced the announcing. Ventura Fair Race coming up. I hear itís the mother of all things modified.

Sheet Metal on the Outside, Steel on the Inside

George Calvo finished first, Kent Benson second in the VRA Senior dwarf, but they must have done something wrong because they were DQíd and the win went to Mike Neal. Bill Vanpraag took second and third was Kevin Alverson. Vanpraag leads the points followed by Alverson and Neal. Erstwhile past Champion Ed Niedzwiecki had lead the first two laps but a spin took him to the back. Itís been that kind of year. Calvo led the rest of the way but the yellow plagued win belonged to rock steady Neal. Itís funny; point leaders are your top three finishers, Vanpraag, Alverson and Neal. Thatís right.

Mike Neal Wins Senior Dwarfs

Pro Dwarf continues to be all about Ray Estrada. Any other year, Angel Figueroa would be thrilled with six top five wins, this year he cannot bust the Estrada juggernaut. He will not give up though. Finished second (again) Saturday night and is second in points. Tommy Velasquez (again) was third. Every Saturday night this class comes out and kicks butt. Maybe the most competitive division at Ventura. Thatís really going out on a limb.

Glen Benton Backs It Into Turn Two

VRA Senior Sprints has your top three point leaders on the podium. Funny how that works. Rob Kershaw won the main event and is third in points. Bruce Douglas was second and leads the points just barely over Wiley Miller who finished third. Itís these three and nobody else is even close. Bobby Michnowicz finished fourth and is always a threat on the track. Russell Deblauw was fifth and continues his impressive year. Douglas, Miller and Kershaw are in incredibly close for the championship. These are three great competitive spirits. They race again this week, take a month off and are back after the fair. Only six races left, I wouldnít miss one.

Kershawís Almost Landed Father Son Sweep

Steve Conrad

Cody Kershaw dominated most of the VRA Sprint Main event, but couldnít quite finish the full thirty laps. Started to implode about lap 25 and completely lost control on lap 26. Veteran Kevin Kierce stepped into first and was gone. For Cody, it doesnít matter; he drove a brilliant race and served up an incredible match up of slide jobs and strategy with the Zen master Kierce. Kierce continues to rock dreamland. Cody will be back next week and for many years after that. Blake Miller called the main event and was completely out of control. Bring him back! Bad crash for Troy Rutherford in turn two; I hear heís ok but Iím not going to bother him. Troy is Spartacus and much beloved by Ventura race fans and slaves.

Rocking In Dreamland

This coming weekend features the All Coast Challenge, which is incrementally notching up and will pay $2,500 to win. Itís all about dedicated drivers deserving some payback. Tough times continue, we are all in this together. Nice to get out on Saturday night, see your friends and throw down. By the way, if you see Naylor and he asks how last weekend went, just shrug and act like nothing happened.