Itís One Freaking Lap At A Time
Saturday July 11th, 2009

I went into the pits Saturday afternoon riding a donkey. We tripped over a go-cart and pretended like somebody had put us in the wall. You have to get over yourself sometimes. Where does all this stuff come from? Iím moving my action over to and itís hard. Those folks at treated me real good for years. Bad new buzzes like flies and who are you going to blame? Missing in action are my favorite drivers; Templeman, Bach, Crawford, Moon, Alexander and Dighera to mention just a few. I see Woodwardís blue #24. I stare for a long minute and blink. Naylor is filling a water truck. The track starts chipping away at all the junk Iím thinking about thinking about. I hear itís all midgets and sprints. I soak up the odds and drift down into the infield looking for some sangriaÖ.

All Thrill No Fill
Kruseman In Control

Power Lunch

Where did these go-carts come from?! This is a total kick in the head. Check out these drivers, Harlan Willis, Glenn Crosno, Corey Kruseman; talk about power racing! So fun itís probably illegal. Iím just shooting spitballs here but I predict a hundred cars before the end of the season. Tracy Van Blargen (thatís Cliffís dentistís whole family out there) got it started for three laps. The Kruser took over but spun himself on lap nine. Actual serious real life cart veteran Chriss Gibb took it home for the seasonís first main event win. Stunningly simple fun racing. Queener's been pumping this forever! Look out, I'm getting fitted! See ya on the backstretch! Got questions? Ring Bill Didion at 204-241-9343.

Chriss Gibb Kicks Off the Carts

Jarid Blondel Wins VRA Junior Focus

VRA Junior Focus victory went to youngster Jarid Blondel. Kid looks real young but he tore up that competition, led every lap. Taylor Ferns in second, Alex Jacobsen in third. Jacobsen barely hanging on to the points lead. USAC Ford Focus had Nick Carlson out front all the way. Sean Dodenhoff was second and Brody Roa in third. Focus and Junior Focus are being strongly supported by Naylor and other local motor sport visionaries. These are the young drivers ready to step up into midgets and sprints. Support a local driver, it will change everything.

Nick Carlson Cleans USAC Ford Focus

Toyota Has To Be Loving Rodella

Naylor cut the track and come Midget time it was perfect. Richie Rich writes on the message board ďThat track has always been a great midget trackĒ and he knows exactly what heís talking about. This track gets it's own chapter in the Midget Hall of Fame! Perfectly suited to the size and speed of this most popular racing class. Josh Lakatos gets out in front of Josh Ford and Jerome Rodella. Rodella has got that Toyota thing hooked up and he is looking sharp. Ford gets by Lakatos, but just barely. Rodella past Lakatos. Things are changing by the second. They are three snarling clawing machines rolling through the corners. Fourth and fifth is another story being worked out by Rick Hendrix and Garret Hansen. These guys are couger clucking fast! Hansen is catlike as he clears Hendrix and stalks top three. Itís Ford, Rodella, Lakatos, Hansen and Hendrix. Ford and Rodella are neck and neck. Hansen slips into third. Ford, Rodella and Hansen are three snakes in a bag. Rodella tries passing on the outside of Ford and it might work. They are three wide passing the flag stand. Behind them, Brent Camarillo is flying through the pack but spins in two. Camarillo and Jake Swanson are finished. Caution with fifteen completed, fifteen to go. Green and the three musketeers, at blisteringly high speeds, are down the backstretch. Next lap Rodella goes to the bottom and Hansen passes. Hansen then clears to the inside of Ford (insane moves by both) and goes to the front. Say bye bye. Rodella now slides Ford for second. Ford comes charging back, Rodella loses his grip coming out of turn one, drifts and gathers Lakatos and Hendrix. Further back in turn one, something goes haywire for Ernie Bartley III and he is flipping violently and almost takes out Jonathan Henry. Red and Hendrix is done. Lakatos, Rodella and Henry go to the back. Green and Hansen is gone. Ford has second all to himself. The battle now shifts to third between Cory Kruseman and Robby Josett. Josett, back from sick leave, is hanging with the King butÖit finishes at high speeds with Hansen, Ford, Kruseman, Josett and Davis Pricket. People come to see great drivers and Garret Hansen does not disappoint. Maybe one of the most natural drivers Iíve ever seen. Ventura Raceway and USAC Midgets. If the Glove fits....

Midget Winner Garret Hansen

Bruce Douglas Leads The Senior Sprints

Itís well after nine, we still have the Senior Sprint Main Event and the VRA Sprint Main Event and the promoter has his back up against his 10 pm. curfew. Senior Sprints load quickly and we are green at 9:23 pm. Bruce Douglas takes over from the first row and is blazing down the backstretch. Professor Jeff Culver has second place locked down. Rob Kershaw is third. Cliff Warren is most improved driver to date in fourth. Bill Badger and Wiley Miller are duking it out and Wiley clears. He continues to beat on the bottom and now clears Warren for fourth. Douglas is now passing cars and we thick in a dirt storm.
Itís Douglas, lapped cars, Culver, Kershaw, Miller and Warren. Everybody after Douglas has to be hoping for a yellow. It never comes. Kershaw spins in two but keeps it going. Wiley makes his final pass for third. Douglas has lapped four cars as he takes the checkers, Culver second, Miller third, Kershaw fourth and Warren again top five. Same top five in a pointís battle. Naylor catches a break with a Green White Checker!

Josh Ford Has Impressive String of Finishes at Ventura

Cory worked hard in his heat race and took the same invert as everyone else. But the real story started a long time ago. Turn a million laps in any joint and youíre going to start on the pole. Jonathan Henry to his right. Maybe not the most well known Kruseman student, but certainly one of his finest and a huge Ventura fan favorite. Steve Conrad and rejuvenated Ronnie Case in the second row. Brian Camarillo, finding his mid season stride, and Kevin Kierce (never went to KU, came up across town in the school of hard knocks) in the third row. Fourth row could barely contain the new kid Tyler Edwards and the red-hot freshman Cory Kershaw. But if youíre sitting in the grandstands and stretch your mind a little bitÖ..we are all Coryís students. The whip came down and class was in session. Kruseman came out clean and itís Henryís job to catch him. Ronnie Case is full throttle and Conrad looks as smooth as ever. It doesnít take but a couple laps and Kierce has grooved from sixth to third. Brian Camarillo is hanging tough. Kruseman out front, Henry chasing him, Kierce chasing Henry, Brian Camarillo barely besting Case. Track is hooked up and the whole mess is fast. Hang on, this race blew past like the Amtrak Coast Starlight. Kruseman lapped his first car and they started falling like candles on a birthday cake (lapped all but seven cars). If there is anything better than watching fast cars work through traffic, put it in a bag and send it to me. Skill and daring with every flick of the wrist. Cory hits the wall pretty hard coming out of two but doesnít even flinch. Itís Kruseman, Henry, Kierce, Conrad and Camarillo. They are thick as thieves and Henry starts closing. Ford, Rutherford and Woodman start putting pressure on the top five. Henry is closing but he has to pass. Kruseman is all over the cushion and Henry goes to the bottom looking for a break. Not working. The action is on top, Kruseman knows it, Kierce knows it and Henry loses valuable yardage. We are going green white checkers for second race in a row and how sweet is that? So cool to watch great drivers dance with disaster, sliding gracefully and just spitting in the wind. Kruseman, Henry, Kierce, Brian Camarillo and smoking Cody Kershaw. Weíre done and itís only 9:48 pm! Chris Wakim had the most passes but John Woodward gets the Hard Charger Award of the week, putting that completely ruined car back together in two weeks. I am in awe and none of us are worthy.

Carts, Midgets, Sprints, Kruseman Goes Off

Naylor and Kruseman crack me up. Like Laurel and Hardy. Like Bernake and Geithner. Like Lennon and McCartney. They got a cool thing going on; they operate in parallel universes and it works like peanut butter and jelly. Naylor has worked this dirt into a holy mecca. Kruseman has taken that track and makes magic for many. It didnít just happen. Naylor worked that track in the morning, he worked it again right before the main event and when everybody went home (all smiley faced) he climbed on that grader and worked it again. It was ready for Coryís school in the morning. Cory ran heats in the carts, midgets and sprints. He ran the all the mains for all the sames and took all the marbles in the end. Got up Sunday morning and went out and taught some more slack jawed wannabes. I hear the first thing he does is walk a lap with the class. Itís the same way Naylor has been grading it for thirty years. Itís the same way Cory has won a thousand stinking heat races. Itís the same way this epic tale is unfolding. Itís one freaking lap at a time.